The Third Perspective is a Dark and Twisted BL Tale

Vanilla is cute and all, but are you into dark twisted stories with psychologically unstable characters? Then The Third Perspective is the perfect story for you—especially if you enjoy the darker sides of life. 

Hyeon is literally suffocating in his house. Stuck between his shitty father and his shitty half brother, he’s constantly getting blamed for everything: not meeting his CEO daddy’s expectations, taking medication, being alive, breathing, and literally anything else that you could think of. Staying silent is the only way he knows how to survive in this dysfunctional household, and it seems like his only solace in life is his psychiatrist, Dr. Baek.

Handsome, right? Dr. Baek seems like every patient’s dream: kind, knowledgeable, empathetic, and hot. But we can immediately tell that he’s hiding something under that charming smile of his, and Hyeon finds out that Dr. Baek isn’t quite what he expects him to be.

Turns out that this creep likes throwing orgy parties and enjoys watching people getting pounded in the ass. As in, he’s not the one doing it—he just likes watching. Well, most of the time, at least. And the next thing you know, Dr. Baek is trying to drag Hyeon into this “hobby” of his.

Being treated like crap from left to right, Hyeon is desperate to cling onto any sign of affection that he doesn’t even know what he’s signing up for. And frankly, he doesn’t really care either. All he wants is to be with Dr. Baek, even if it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’d be together as lovers.

Of course, we all have fetishes; voyeurism and orgies can be fun as long as everyone involved is consenting. But Dr. Baek pushes Hyeon over the edge to see how far he’s willing to take this— to the point it becomes a manipulation.

We can’t help but feel sorry for Hyeon, though. The fact that he’s willing to do anything makes him an easy prey and of course some sick creep like Dr. Baek is going to try to take advantage of him(we’ve all been there ladies). What Hyeon really needs is a little bit of… love. Not being treated like some kind of rag doll.

However, the humiliation and degradation gradually intensifies in each of their “sessions”, and Hyeon finds the little masochist inside him satisfied. Actually, not just satisfied, but it’s a feeling that he’s never felt before. He feels liberated—like he’s releasing everything he repressed inside him without a care in the world.

As we see Hyeon enjoying this newfound sense of liberation, he gets more bold and impulsive. He’s kind of literally dragging himself into a hole, and we all know this isn’t going to end well. We don’t want Hyeon to actually suffer, but we do enjoy seeing him getting pushed over the edge from time to time. We can’t help but admit that the creator does a fantastic job depicting the sexual tension between these two characters— as well as the depression and suffocation that Hyeon is feeling. All the more reason to have some release 😉

Read the The Third Perspective (Warning: NSFW) on Lezhin Comics.

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