Sketch to Screen in ‘Writing Hell’

Having just won the Grand Prize for the 2020 Lezhin Comic Challenge, FairyDemon is hard at work preparing for the launch of Writing Hell. But, thankfully, FD took the time to send us some notes on what it takes to get to the finished panel.

To see more of Writing Hell, check it out Lezhin Comics (Warning: NSFW). Or follow FD on Twitter and Instagram.

Drag the slider to compare the initial storyboard to the finished panel.

1. Script to Storyboard

The hardest part of making webcomics is translating a script to a storyboard. Storyboards are usually horrible scribbles there to help you compose the panel faster. Improvisations and adding more scenes are common in this step since storytelling from writing and comics are different.

2. Sketch

The first step in drawing the characters properly. There will still be errors, but we can ignore that until the next step.

3. Line Art
I usually put myself on autopilot when it comes to line art. I love line art, and this is the most important and fun part to make. Some errors from the sketch are usually fixed in this part.

4. Background

Rendering backgrounds can be tricky at first when you don’t understand 3D space, but you get used to it. I don’t go raw on the renders, I put more effects and edits again so it can fit my drawing.

5. Base

I usually assign base colors to my assistant (hehe).

6. Shading and Effects

Shading and color effects are what make my drawings look more “alive”. Though I’m still learning this myself. 

7. Finishing Touches

The last step includes adding balloon text and spacing panels on a webcomic page. Sometimes I cry because parts of my drawings get covered in balloon text, but I’m used to it…

Are you interested in seeing more? Or maybe there’s a creator who you’d like to go behind the scenes with? Let us know in the comments below!

1 Comment

  1. I’d like to see the behind the scenes from the creators “Madame Giselle” “How to Use an Angel” “The Devils Temptation” “False Memories”

    Lee Gpiee’s (False Memories) art style has changed so much over the years publishing comics with Lezhin. I hope to see an interview with her soon!


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