The Missing O

If you’re looking for crude humor that includes “baby carrot dick” jokes, The Missing O is for you. If you’re looking for a nuanced story about relationships, sexual proclivities and the horrors of dating in your twenties, The Missing O is for you.

It’s difficult to categorize TMO because of the diverse topics it covers over the course of its run. The basic plot centers around three women who are each missing the great “O”. Okjae is barely realizing her sexual fetish; Minsuh is tied to a sexually stunted long-term boyfriend; and Eunsung dreams of her first/last orgasm from 7 years ago. But that barely scratches the surface of each character and the journey they go through.

Whereas most comics are content to show character growth outside of sex, TMO builds it’s characters before, after and during sex scenes (definitely NSFW). Rarely do sex scenes represent the end of the story in TMO. More likely, the character and story builds through and (more importantly) past the sex scene. It’s one thing to see a character realize their sexual fetishes, but to see them act and experience them for the first time will have you cheering.

In a sea of mature and romance titles, The Missing O stands out as one of the few who use sex as an active plot point. There’s plenty of fan service involved, but it’s difficult not to appreciate how it all weaves together to tell a cohesive experience. With dick jokes. So many dick jokes.

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