The Spring Social Distance Mix Vol. 3

Ready or not, Volume 3 is here.

We’re back with another set of 25 titles and another 200+ free episodes.

You know, the deal, 25 is a lot of comics and 225 is a lot of episodes… so here are a few of our picks to get you started.


Read enough Korean webtoons and eventually you realize one thing: life in Korean schools is rough (example, example, example). Appetite twists everything on its head with the oft bullied Dohoon asking for a vampiric classmate for protection from school assholes and evils alike.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare takes a simple concept and twists it. Hard. Imagine a world where no one lies and everything means everything they say. Enter Saegye, the only person in the world who can lie. But creator Youmy takes this amazing ability and somehow turns it into a weakness. In the end, you won’t know who’s lying and who’s telling the truth.


Jinwoo’s lived many different lives, but he’s fallen for the same person over and over again. This time, he’s an office worker living in Korea and his lover has taken the form of Yoosung, a good friend of his little sister’s. Will fate work its magic to bring them together?

You Make Me Swoon

Face it, high school’s hard. From friends to grades to looks, everything matters. Luckily, Ha Nami’s got most of that taken care of. Her grades are at the top of her class, she’s got two loyal friends, and she’s pretty to boot. Unfortunately, she’s also got a curse. One that makes it impossible for her to talk to anyone she likes. Like… “like” likes.

Jihoon’s spent his entire life as the object of many a girl’s affection. Too bad that none of them has caught his eye and he’s gotten really good at turning them down. Sol, on the other hand, wears her heart on her sleeve and blushes when she gets close to guy. For the first time, Jihoon’s head over heels and Sol is… just fine. Jihoon’s desperate to win her heart, but he’s not used to the stuttering and sputtering self he becomes whenever she’s around.

So those are our picks! Let us know in the comments if you had other favorites or if there are other comics you’re looking forward to!

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