The Spring Social Distance Mix Vol. 2

Volume 2 is here with another 200+ free episodes. This time, it’s all 18+.

Just like Vol. 1, we have 25 titles with 9 free episodes each. Everyone with a registered Lezhin Comics account will receive another 6 Bonus Coins to spend where ever and however.

25 is a lot of comics and 225 is a lot of episodes… so just to help you out, here are a few of our picks to get you started.

Tissue Guzzler (NSFW)

It’s Christmas and a group of single guys have opted for a “Guys Only” party (as if they had a choice). So there they are, a group of guys spending Christmas together chugging booze, eating pizza and trading stories of sexual conquests! Sigh… so pathetic, yet so much run to read.

The Waning Moon (NSFW)

After his father’s death, Raymond seeks to find out more about his father’s work with werewolves, much of which was completed in secrecy. So he enters the Central Laboratory and meets Kata, the werewolf his father discovered years ago. He is one of three werewolves in the entire world to have been discovered by science. But Kata is a special specimen… in order for the laboratory to get the most out of their research, all of Kata’s needs must be met – including his voracious sexual appetite. Life at the lab has a long history of mixing work with pleasure, and it isn’t long until the lives of everyone at the Central Laboratory becomes tangled up with one another.

Moonlight Garden (NSFW)

The enchanting flower maidens of Moonlight Garden are coveted by all, as they are known to provide sexual pleasures beyond the imagination. But Dohwa, a young flower maiden who has not yet “bloomed,” concocts potions in the hopes of escaping her destined fate at the brothel. One night, she is caught stealing ingredients for her potions by Lady Hyewon, the new mistress of the Garden. But it turns out Dohwa isn’t the only one with an agenda. Lady Hyewon harbors a few terrible secrets of her own.

Man Crush (NSFW)

With a racing heart, Jinho makes his way to Room 609, where Yunsoo is waiting for him. Yunsoo, the dreamy, blond, green-eyed stud he’s had a crush on since forever. If he’s lucky, he’ll get to kiss him. If he’s really lucky, he’ll get to blow him. And one day, he’ll get to go all the way… Deep down, Jinho knows being secret f-buddies isn’t what he truly wants. But what can he do to turn a crush into something more?

Narae’s Fantasy (NSFW)

Sweet, adorable Narae. She’s the perfectly innocent girl next door… except she’s not. She fantasizes about have sex with any and everyone. Men, women, top, bottom, BDSM, kink, etc. You name, she’s thought of it. Heck, she’s probably gotten off on it. But these fantasies are starting to get out of control. With help from the mysterious shamaness Nokjoo and the influential Miss Miso, Narae will find a way to make these fantasies a reality and finally get herself a boyfriend.

Vol. 1 will be available for another week so be sure to check it out before Vol. 3 hits!!

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