The Spring Social Distance Mix Vol. 1

Everything’s officially been cancelled. Festivals, parties, school, outside… But staying inside can be great too! That’s why we started The Spring Social Distance Mix! Every week, we’ll be opening up over 200 episodes for free.

There are 25 comics in each mix with 9 episodes free for each comic. The first volume will be up for two weeks and contains some amazing titles. And, if you want to read some more, we’ll be handing out an extra 5 Bonus Coins every week!

So read some free episodes or buy some episodes for later. Either way, we’ve got you covered! Oh, and don’t forget to check in next week. Aren’t you curious to see what’s in Vol. 2? (Hint: it’s gonna be 18+)

Got any favorites? Where’d you spend your Bonus Coins? Let us know in the comments below!

freak-quency lezhin comics webtoon fantasy
hotel-phryne webtoon lezhin comics bl
Hotel Phryne
maison-de-maid webtoon lezhin comics gl yuri
Maison de Maid
heesu-in-class-2 webtoon lezhin comics bl
Heesu in Class 2

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