[NewRelease] Sexless

#NewRelease #BL #Sexless
🕺Is sex a must in a relationship?
🕺One says yes, the other says no. We’ve got a problem!
🕺READ “Sexless” NOW! ▶️bit.ly/2GUeomY

Synopsis :

It all started with Laurence walking around in just his underwear. That was the final straw for Chip. Sleeping in separate bedrooms is frustrating enough; he doesn’t need Laurence showing him what he can’t have! Chip knows Laurence used to sleep around with guys all the time. So what made him go platonic all of a sudden? To find some answers, the two seek out the best couples therapist in San Francisco. But the more they talk, the more they realize there’s still a lot to learn about each other.

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