This year, from May 1st to the 7th, Lezhin Entertainment will be celebrating Free Comic Week! For one week, we’ll be opening episodes from your favorite titles for free! Catch up on En Garde before season 2 starts, root for the underdog in Save Me, or see what everyone’s talking about in Killing Stalking!

Once you’re done with all the free comics on offer, don’t forget to stop by our backlog of Free and Sale comics to see what else there is to read.


En Garde

Written and Drawn by IRE

What happens when you spend your entire life playing one sport only to see your rookie friend do better than you? Yunwoo has been watching his best friend and rival, Mir, win one tournament after another while he’s been left in the dust. And now that he’s in high school, he’s determined to leave the life of fencing behind and never touch a sword again. The only problem? It doesn’t look like fencing’s done with him.

For all-ages. Read it here.


Save Me

Written and Drawn by 1230

Being in a wheelchair is hard enough, but the bullies in Hyeongoh’s class make life even harder. If it isn’t the teasing, it’s the beatings. And while his parents might be proud of his grades, at school that only makes him even more of a target. Life is about as bad as it can get, at least until he meets the new kid in class. Namsoo might not be strong or smart, but he’s exactly what Hyeongoh needs.

For older teens and up. Read it here.


Reveries of the Moonlight

Written by Hong Jeonghun and Drawn by Kho Jino

As far as Saegun’s concerned, vampires don’t exist outside of movies and comic books. That is, until he comes home to find his family slaughtered by an injured bloodsucker with fangs. When the vampire hunters finally arrive, they make him an offer: join them and hunt down the vampires that rule the night. Things are about to go from bad to worse as Saegun is welcomed to the Lunatic Moon.

For older teens and up. Read it here.


Escape Devildom

Written and Drawn by MooMen

Past the grey desert and across the ocean lay the demon lands. Bloodthirsty and savage, they’ve waged war with the humans since anyone can remember. And seated on his throne, behind castle walls and royal guards, is the Demon King. At least, that’s what everyone thinks. And if Merlin ever wants to see his brother again, he’d better make sure everyone goes on believing that. Otherwise, who knows what’d happen if a kingdom full of demons discovered a human masquerading as their king?

For all-ages. Read it here.


Killing Stalking

Written and Drawn by Koogi

Yoon Bum is the type of boy who disappears in a crowded room. His quiet obsession is the most popular guy in his glass, Sangwoo. His muted infatuation peaks into a powerful lust which drives him to break into Sangwoo’s home where, in the dark recesses of the basement, Bum discovers the black heart beating inside of Sangwoo. This complex tale of fetish and abuse will have you gripping the edge of your seat until you’re left with one question: what about the apple?

Contains explicit content, for adult and mature audiences. Read it here.



Written and Drawn by Choi Yong Sung

Shion lands in Australia with a simple goal: find his missing sister. He gets a room at the same house she lived in and takes a part-time job at the same place she worked at. At first, everything seems fine. Her old roommates seem nice and her job is just another boring gig. But the forced smiles and kind greetings lose their luster and Shion starts to suspect that everyone knows more than they’re letting on.

For older teens and up. Read it here.


An Uncomfortable Truth

Written and Drawn by EErun

Getting through the drama of high school is hard, but it helps to have someone there to rely on. And while Yoseob and Jaeha might not look like brothers, they’ve definitely got each other’s backs. But when Yoseob is arrested in connection with 8 murders, Jaeha starts to realize that his little brother might not be as innocent as he seems.

For older teens and up. Read it here.



Written and Drawn by Park Ji-yeon

Ever wonder why everyone talks about love like it’s gravity? Why everyone says love isn’t something someone can choose or control? No one jumps into love, they fall into it. What makes love so amazing and terrifying?

Because love is a force of nature. Because sometimes, relationships aren’t meant to last. Sometimes, you don’t get to choose who you fall in love with. And sometimes, after you’ve fallen in love, you just keep falling.

Contains explicit content, for adult and mature audiences. Read it here.



Written and Drawn by H.Roma

Taeil is, in the exact definition of the word, a loser. He’s been pushed around and taken advantage of all his life. It all comes to a head when he finds himself in bed with a beautiful woman only to get scammed out of his life savings. And now, he’s only got one choice: make a deal with a sex god so he can go back in time and have sex with all the girls at his college. Wait… what?

Contains explicit content, for adult and mature audiences. Read it here.



Written by ALMA and drawn by PINKO

Saeeun is beautiful, successful, and a cold-hearted witch. At least, that’s what everyone at her office thinks of her and that’s just how she likes it. But when she starts seeing a married man, her carefully composed image starts to crack at the seams. And just when she starts to get a handle on things, an ex-boyfriend from college shows up to throw a bone in the mix.

Contains explicit content, for adult and mature audiences. Read it here.

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