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What is Lezhin Comics?

Lezhin Entertainment is a South Korean tech start-up that began in 2012. The company began serving comics to the South Korean public in 2013 as Lezhin Comics, and its app quickly became one of the top-grossing webtoon services in the country. Created as a “safe space” for creators and the webtoon medium, Lezhin Comics was the first webtoon company to ever offer its creators a livable wage regardless of their comics’ rankings. Creators also receive one of the most competitive rates of revenue shares from each of their episodes. We want our creators to have the freedom to create the content they want to create. We are proud to say that we offer a wide variety of webtoons, many of which could be described as unique, subversive, and even controversial – simply put, we offer content you won’t find anywhere else.

Lezhin Comics’ English service began in 2015 alongside it’s Japanese service. Our humble team consists of our service and marketing operators, and our little army of translators, letterers, and editors. This accounts for the scheduling differences between the Korean and English webtoons. The Lezhin English team is also involved in translating English comic content into Korean, and we are working hard to bring our all our readers published copies of our most popular webtoons. We welcomed 2017 with the release of the Korean language editions of Volume I of “Harbinger” and “Bloodshot” from Valiant Comics (available for purchase in most major bookstores in Seoul!).

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.


How do I buy coins?

In order to purchase and view an episode from a comic published on Lezhin, you must purchase coins. Any episode that has been purchased will remain in your Library indefinitely, so you can read and re-read them as you wish.

Please note that we have two apps, a standard app for both iOS and Android users that can be downloaded in the app store, and a stand-alone app called Lezhin Plus that is only available for Android users (due to Apple policies). Mature content (such as popular titles Killing Stalking, You Jin, Lilith’s Code and Sadistic Beauty) can only be viewed on the Lezhin site or the Plus app. One benefit of the Plus app is that there are Coin events EVERY DAY. More information can be found here.

NOTE: Mature content that has been purchased on the web/Plus App can still be viewed on your standard app (iOS/Android) through the library.

iOS users can access mature content directly by “app-ifying” the Lezhin site. Detailed information on how to do so can be found here.

Still having trouble purchasing coins? Please shoot us an e-mail at help@lezhin.com!



What are Points?

Points can be earned with every purchase of 35 coins or more.

Points can only be used to purchase Coin bundles (which are pretty much exactly what they sound like: a bundle of Coins). You cannot use points to purchase episodes directly.

Get more info on Points here, and how to earn even more Points here.


Why is ___ comic not available on the English site?

While our content pool mostly comes from what’s available on the Korean site, the Korean and English Lezhin service sites are two separate operations. (Actually, we have some comics that are not available on the Korean site, such as Everyday Zen and The Third Party).


How do you decide which comics make it to the English site?

We have no definitive rule for deciding on which comics make it to the English site. Instead, we consider whether the comic would be appropriate for our overseas audience. If there is a comic that you are interested in that is currently exclusive to the Korean Service, leave us a comment or send us a message on one of our social media platforms! 


Why is __ comic __ episodes behind the Korean site? 

More often than not, the comics that we pull from the Korean site already have a certain number of episodes available before we even begin offering them. With new releases,  we offer up to six or eight episodes upon launching, and, as is the nature of webtoons, one or two episodes per week after that (some comics are released every 10 days). We are always working on reducing the gap when we can.

This also extends to the sales and services we offer. Although we offer similar sales, events, and services to the Korean service, we are ultimately exclusive operations.


Something’s wrong with the comic! It isn’t showing up!

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with our services, please send us an e-mail at help@lezhin.com ! It also helps if you send us a screenshot of the problem you are experiencing.


How can I contact the creators?

As most our creators are Korean, we do not list their personal social media or e-mail addresses on the English site unless the creator has asked us to. We do hold fan events, however, where we often invite readers to send in their fan art and questions/comments, which we then translate and deliver to the creators. 


Can you explain what the different genres are?

Sure! As you may have noticed, we have an awful lot of genres, many of which might be new to the general reader. Most of our genres overlap in someway, but we’ll try to explain the major genres here:

BL: Short for “Boy Love.” This can be seen as the Korean equivalent of the Japanese “yaoi” genre, though the two have their distinct characteristics that are better discussed elsewhere. At its most basic, BL webtoons feature two men in a romantic relationship, and is generally created by women, for women. This alone makes BL comics distinct from Queer comics.

GL: Short for “Girl Love.” This can be seen as the Korean equivalent of the Japanese “yuri” genre, though, again, the two have their own distinct characters that are better discussed elsewhere. GL webtoons, like BL, feature two women in a romantic relationship. Unlike BL, GL comics are generally written by women, for women.

Mature: Mature comics are comics that largely revolve around sexual content. Mature content often overlaps with other genres, such as BL or GL, though much of the content is for the heterosexual male audience.  

Other comics that feature content that readers might find uncomfortable (such as depictions or suggestions of violence, profanity, etc.) have age restrictions, and we are working to add warnings to such comics.


I see that Lezhin is cracking down on illegal scanlations. Does that mean I can’t make fanart, anymore?

Fanart is perfectly acceptable! There was a misunderstanding with our initial announcement regarding copyright infringements, so we edited the blog and corresponding Facebook post to clarify that we do not regard hand-drawn, hand-crafted, or digitally-crafted fan art as copyright infringements.

You can read the original post here. (Please scroll all the way down to the find the clarification).


I’m a comic artist and would like to work with Lezhin. Can I submit my work to Lezhin?

Yes! We are always looking to add more content to our line-up and would love to see your work. You can submit your comics to submit_us@lezhin.com with the following documents:

-4 completed episodes (The dimensions should preferably be 5120px long X 1280px wide; the length doesn’t matter but the width should be 1280px wide)
-A detailed explanation of the comic (including genre, synopsis, character bios) preferably in PDF

Every year, we also host an international comic contest where the winners are not only featured on our site, but also receive a monetary prize. The 2017 World Comic Contest winner will receive 100,000 US dollars! Get more information here.


I’d like to apply for a job at Lezhin!

Of course you do! Our company offers a competitive benefits package that includes a magical Employee Kitchen (a verifiable mini convenience store) and our company is filled with lovely people. You can find out more about available positions within the US Lezhin Team on our Tumblr under the hashtag #workatlezhin.

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  1. If or when possible, would you mind translating 5-nin no Ou, also known as Five Kings. Its available on the korean lezhin portable and I would very much like to read it. Thank you for all the amazing content, I will continue supporting creatives on lezhin whether or not 5-nin no Ou does get translated. In addition, if it is being translated to english else where, please let me know. I would appreciate it.


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