Lezhin Entertainment Responds to Copyright Infringements with COA

Lezhin Entertainment Responds to Copyright Infringements with Copyright Overseas promotion Association (COA)

(February 8, 2017) Lezhin Comics webtoon platform operator Lezhin Entertainment, founded by Han Hee-sung, has launched a strong response to overseas copyright infringements, such as becoming an active member of the Copyright Overseas promotion Association (COA). The COA was officially established on the 8th of this month.

“In addition to participating in the COA as a full member, we will also be acting as its first president,” revealed Lezhin.

South Korea’s largest overseas copyrights protection organization to date, COA members consist of companies and 15 organizations representative of the country’s webtoon, video, movie, and music industries. Companies include Lezhin Entertainment, Naver, KBS, MBC, SBS, jtbs (JTBC), Movie Distributors Association of Korea (MDAK), and the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA).

The COA’s first president is Lezhin Entertainment’s vice-president and CTO, Kwon Jung-hyuk.

Following an examination of the extent of damage incurred from the overseas pirating of domestic content, the association will devise the appropriate measures and responses to halt further illegal distributions.

The COA also has plans to strengthen their response to those overseas servers hosting pirate sites that freely share illegal reproductions of domestic content.

By stealing the hard work of numerous artists and content creators, such sites have inflicted great damage to the artists and content creators and their representative industries. In spite of this, the closure of most overseas servers of such sites has either been met with postponement, or difficulty in pursuing legal action.

However, the COA hopes to change this by working in full cooperation with the copyright protection agencies and organizations of the countries in which these servers are being hosted. Such a cooperation would not only ensure the swift erasure of pirated content from the Internet, but also ensure that legal action is taken appropriate to the pursuant countries.

Lezhin Entertainment has revealed their policy on taking a strong response to pirated material through their 2017 corporate vision.

COA President and Lezhin Entertainment’s vice president and CTO Kwon Jung-hyuk stated that Lezhin Entertainment’s 2017 “…goal is to increase the legal distribution of copyrighted domestic material overseas and contribute to the development of South Korea’s content and copyright industry by taking an active stance against overseas copyright infringements.”


Original article: http://www.zdnet.co.kr/news/news_view.asp?artice_id=20170208153528&type=det&re=

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