Fan-Art vs Copyright Infringement

In recent months, many of our most popular comics have been illegally leaked and utilized, therefore negatively affecting the bottom line of our creators as well as Lezhin Comics.

In order to address this problem, we are strengthening our focus on copyright infringement prevention.

However, if there were any fan videos taken down in this process, please follow the instructions below.

1. Please send us the URL of the video that was posted on Youtube to
2. We will restore your video on Youtube.
3. We will re-investigate your video.
4. If we deem the content appropriate and is in line with our copyright guidelines, we will have your name listed on our ‘white list’ so that these types of take downs do not occur again.

Typically, the following is what we consider a Copyright Infringement.

Comic Review
  • Reviews containing more than 10 panels from the original content.
  • No indication of the original source.


  • Videos containing content that could be used as spoilers or content that reveals a large portion of a certain episode.
  • No indication of the original source.

We will be taking a closer look at all the fan videos that our readers and fans have put hours of their personal time into so that there will be no more issues in the future. But we’d like everyone to please understand that we cannot tolerate such work to be used for illegal purposes.

If you have any other questions, please contact

Thank you.

——————–Update: February 11, 2017—————

We would like to clarify that we in no way regard hand-drawn, hand-crafted, or digitally-crafted fan art as copyright infringements. We love and appreciate all the art our readers create and we have no intention of getting in the way of anyone’s craft! Similarly, we are not “going after” episode summaries (though we think social media followers and readers would appreciate a warning if said summaries contain spoilers), fan fics, or any other fan writings.

That being said, videos and both written and video reviews (and art produced under the guise of fan art) that contain more than 10 panels captured directly from any of our comics, and that do not indicate the original source, do fall under our copyright infringement policy.

We realize mistakes have been made in this process and are doing our best to prevent further mistakes from occurring. So if you believe your video or artwork, or your friend’s video or artwork, has been unfairly taken down, please contact us with the subject: “Lezhin Copyright Issue,” and we will take a closer look at it (we promise). If we see the content was unfairly taken down, we will request that their work be put back up on the internet, and add the user and their work to our whitelist to prevent the same mistake from occurring.

Again, our deepest, deepest apologies. We hope that all our readers will continue to support us (and will continue to create fanart!!) as we continue to create a better Lezhin experience for all.

1 Comment

  1. Thank you for sharing other’s comics with us! I hope I can share mine here on Lezhin one day, too!

    As an artist and creator myself, I completely and fully support your copyright infringement policy! Thanks for looking out for the creator’s!


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