Winners of the 1st Lezhin Comic Contest

720x350It’s here!!!

After much debate and consideration, we have finally chosen our four winners of our first Lezhin Comic Contest!
We have comics from GL & comedy to mystery & horror!

Congratulations to all the winners and for those who missed their chance, we will be back soon with another!

To read the comics, click on the titles to find out more!

No Otaku, No Life! by Enjelicious

Liam Wang comes from a proud otaku family. However, after a painful childhood experience, Liam decides to “retire” from being an otaku and embarks on a normal life. Years later at school, he unintentionally makes otaku friends of various sorts. At first, he strongly refuses them but then slowly opens up to the life he had once thrown away. Once an OTAKU, always an OTAKU?

Never Knew I Wanted by hugro

Alina Goldings, a tactless teenager, meets Jolene Hae, a reserved, discontent woman, and finds comfort she never felt from her divorced parents. It’s a story about two unlikely personalities meeting unexpectedly to form a friendship neither ever saw coming.

The World I’m Longing For by Dalf

Nothing out of the ordinary was happening to David.Except for the nightmares that kept telling him to “come back.”One day, he wakes up and finds himself tied up with his mother lying in her own pool of blood.In front of him stands the transfer girl, telling him that they are both from another world.What is this world she’s talking about and how will they get there?

How Juliet Lied by Quxem

Juliet did something a year ago.In exchange for her peace of mind, she started taking orders from a ghost who can’t pass to the other side.With the contract signed, every order is absolute.Juliet is her marionette until her self-destructive girlfriend moves on.


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