FanFriday: Review Winner

We’ve got our reviews and the winner is Tony Timbol!

Here is what Tony has got to say about two of our most popular webcomics:
Drug Candy and He Does a Body Good.

drug candy.png

Drug Candy:

A glimpse into the social and psychological aspects of cheating with a hearty dose of sexy rumpus, culminating in a “breathtaking” finale.

Or as the english Lezhin ad says,


he does a body good.png

He Does A Body Good:

After a cliche superhero origin story freak accident, Ho-sang finds he now has super powers, just like the heroes on almost every shirt he wears.

But like every super hero, he now attracts a lot of attention from a lot of different people with his new found powers, like horny Russians, horny CEOs, horny ex-boyfriends, and even angrily aroused customers.

After all, with great ding-a-ling comes great responsibility.

Thanks Tony for your amazing reviews!

To see what Tony’s talking about, click down below.
Drug Candy
He Does A Body Good


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