Celebrating the release of our apps on Android and on iOS, we’re holding a Special Surprise Sale!

To get the discounts, you’ll have to install our app if you haven’t already (Seriously? What have you been doing?)


  • This Special Sale is exclusive to our apps on Android and on iOS
  • You can use coins purchased on the app on our website as well!
    • Due to Apple’s policy, Coins purchased on our website can’t be used on the app for iOS
  • Enjoy G-rated content on the app on the go, at work, or wherever you are. Enjoy mature content on the web at home, in your room.
    • Due to Google and Apple’s respective policies, all adult content is unavailable on the app.
    • You can view updated adult content in ‘My Library’ for comics you’ve already read on the web on the app for Android!
    • Here’s how:

1. Go to the website.

Go to the mobile web page and purchase a comic.
You can do this on the desktop website as well.

2. Go to the app.

Now the comic will also pop up in your app’s ‘My Library’. You can read and purchase new episodes on your app!



Find out more about our mobile apps here.

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