How to earn more Points!

Following our Points guide, today we take a look at how to earn more Points more quickly!
You can score 10 million + Points too!

2016-06-02 15 19 04.png

You can earn more Points by using the ‘unlock all’ feature. By using this feature, you can score up to 150 bonus Points!

Here’s how:
Select the ‘Unlock All’ feature and you’re all set to go! Easy!

Step 1. Select ‘Unlock All’

Step 2. Earn bonus Points!


The more you unlock (all), the more Points you get! Depending on how many episodes you unlock, you’ll earn 20P, 50P, 100P, or 150P maximum!

  • Unlock 4 to 9 episodes:  Earn 20 Points!
  • Unlock 10 to 19 episodes:  Earn 50 Points!
  • Unlock 20 to 29 episodes:  Earn 100 Points!
  • Unlock 30 episodes or more:  Earn 150 Points!

Unlock all, read more episodes, and go get those bonus Points! Easy as one, two, three!!


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