Introducing our new POINTS System!

Curious what these ‘Points’ are?

2016-06-01 17 48 30.jpg

We’re delighted to announce our new Points System!

From today, you will earn ‘Points’ with any purchase of 35 Coins or more. The number of Coins for each bundle will remain the same as before. You’ll just receive ‘Points’ as a side benefit of purchasing Coins.

2016-06-01 18 04 48
2016-06-01 18 05 12
  • No Points earned for purchase of $3.99 Coin Bundle.

Points are redeemable on ‘Point Redemption Coin Bundles’.


What are ‘Point Redemption Coin Bundles’?

‘Point Redemption Coin Bundles’ are special deals for which you can redeem Points and receive a discount.

  • Point conversion rate: 100 Points = $1 (approx.)
  • Point Redemption Coin Bundles are also available during Coin promotions.

2016-06-01 17 49 15.jpg



Points are not redeemed automatically when you purchase a regular Coin Bundle. You need to select a ‘Point Redemption Coin Bundle’ which are separate from regular Coin Bundles.

If you have any questions on earning and redeeming Points, please use the Contact Us button on [Customer Support]-[How to use Points] to submit a ticket.


We have many different ways to earn Points in store for you so stay tuned!

Thank you – from everybody at Lezhin



Continue to Part 2: How to earn more Points!

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