Introducing the POINTS System!

So what are ‘Points’?


‘Points’ can be earned with any purchase of 36 Coins or more. Think of  ‘Points’ as an additional benefit of purchasing Coins.


  • The number of Points earned for purchasing Coins is listed on each respective Coin Bundle.
  • Please note that Points are NOT earned for a purchase of the $4.99 Coin Bundle.


So what do you do with points?

Points are redeemable on ‘Point-Redeem Coin Bundle’.

‘Point-Redeem Coin Bundle’ are special deals for which you can redeem Points to receive discounts.

  • Point conversion rate: 100 Points = $1 (approx.)
  • You need at least 100 Points to redeem.
  • Points are redeemed and deducted immediately on Coin purchase.
  • ‘Point-Redeem Coin Bundle’ are NOT available during Coin sales or promotions.



Points are not redeemed automatically when you purchase a regular Coin Bundle. You need to select a ‘Point-Redeem Coin Bundle’ which are separate from regular Coin Bundles.

If you have any questions on earning and redeeming Points, please use the Contact Us button on [Customer Support]-[How to use Points] to submit a ticket.


We have many different ways to earn Points in store for you so stay tuned!

Thank you – from everybody at Lezhin



Continue to Part 2: How to earn more Points!

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