Introducing the POINTS System!

NOTICE: Points are not available on iOS.

What are Points?

Points‘ are additional benefits that you earn by purchasing Coins, or by unlocking multiple episodes.

So what do you do with Points?

You can use Points to purchase Coins on Lezhin!

Points are redeemable on Point-Redeem Coin Bundle.

‘Point-Redeem Coin Bundle’ are special deals for which you can redeem Points to receive discounts on your coins.

e.g.) $0.99 + 200 Points / 5 Coins coin bundle = you have to pay 200 points and $0.99 together.

  • You need at least 200 Points to redeem.
  • Points are redeemed and deducted immediately on Coin purchase.

‘Point-Redeem Coin Bundle’ are NOT available during Coin sales or promotions.


Points are not redeemed automatically when you purchase a regular Coin Bundle. You need to select a ‘Point-Redeem Coin Bundle’ which are separate from regular Coin Bundles.

If you have any questions on earning and redeeming Points, please use the Contact Us button on [Customer Support]-[How to use Points] to submit a ticket.

We have many different ways to earn Points in store for you so stay tuned!

Continue to Part 2: How to earn more Points!


      1. Are you sure? Because even with the point redemption, it still seems to cost money. It would be better if it was a direct coin redemption, no actual spending involved. It’s really inconvenient to read stories since I don’t have much money to spend. Especially since the free stuff I was reading got swapped out and waiting is now my only real option to finish.


      2. Unfortunately, most of our comics require Coins outside of temporary promotions that we run. We do have daily (or near-daily) include Bonus Coin giveaways as well as the Free Coin Zone which you can find on our app.
        Also, there’s our WUF comics which allow you to unlock episodes for FREE by logging into the app.


    1. Hello! The Point Redeem bundles come and go, but lucky for you we have 2 Point-Redeem Bundles right now!
      Just go to “Purchase Coins” at and scroll down to see them.


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