WDFS Fan Event

WDFS-fanart event

To express our appreciation of the love and support you’ve shown #WDFS, we’re holding a Fan Event – for the fans, of the fans, and by the fans! When we say ‘by the fans’ we’re dead serious.

Send us your fanart, fanfics, memes, anything WDFS-fan related by April 8th, and we’ll publish them in an upcoming Special Episode of WDFS! That’s right! You have a chance to get your work published as part of WDFS!

We’ll choose our favorite picks and collect them as a Special Episode for the whole world to see! And as fan service, we give you the opportunity to talk to the writers! Send us your questions to Team Gaji. We’ll pick the Top 5 frequently asked questions and send them to the Team Gaji. They’ve promised to send us their replies! If you don’t have any fanart, but you have a bag full of questions, that’s perfectly fine too! Just send us your questions.



  • Email to: event.us@lezhin.com
  • Subject: [WDFS Fan Event]
    • Please mark “Okay to Print” in the email text
  • Fanart Format: None. Anything goes.
  • Question Format: Anyhting goes (Just don’t send us a exhaustive, comprehensive list of two thousand questions).
  • Deadline: April 1st, 11:59 PDT




#goREADaCOMIC and send us your fanart!

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