[EVENT] Complete the Collection – LUCID DREAM


Good bye, Raeum and Jihye!

Masatoki and Kirty’s LUCID DREAM ended and to celebrate our first complete series, we’ll be running a Complete the Collection! race for LUCID DREAM. Collect the entire series, enjoy the read, and send us a screenshot of the covers for Lucid Dream.


The fine print:

WHEN January 25 – January 31, 11:59pm PST

Winner announcement will be made on February 1st!

HOW Send an email to event.us@lezhin.com

Please include…

  • Your Lezhin Comics ID
  • A screenshot of Lucid Dream episodes, with all episodes and the message “You have collected all episodes” at the bottom clearly visible


  • 5 Coins for collecting all paid episodes
  • 10 Coins for collecting all paid and free episodes
    • One lucky winner will receive an exclusive Lezhin Comics Creators’ Autograph Book (not for retail sale)

Send us a screenshot of your completed collection in My Library, with all the covers and the message at the bottom clearly visible like the screenshot above, along with your Lezhin account ID to event.us@lezhin.com. If you’ve collected all episodes including the prologue, you’ll get a coupon for 10 Coins via email! If you’ve collected all paid episodes, you’ll get a coupon for 5 Coins via email!

We’ll receive emails for one week, starting on January 25 and ending on January 31, 11:59pm PST. Your screenshot must include all episodes of Lucid Dream (including episodes not purchased), and the message at the bottom of the page which should either read “You have collected all episodes” or “You have collected ___ % of this comic”. Once we have verified your account and collection, you’ll receive an email containing a coupon for the Coins. Emails will be sent out on February 1st, after the event has ended.

For the lucky winner of Lezhin Comics Creators’ Autograph Book, we’ll contact you individually via email and ask for your private information, such as your name and address.
Please be aware that the shipping of the autograph book will take up 6 – 8 weeks.



So how do you purchase episodes? And the prologue? It’s simple.

For free episodes and the prologue…

  1. Click on Lucid Dream to see the comic episode list
  2. Click on the free episode you wish to save
  3. On the upper right corner, click on “SAVE” with the open book icon
  4. DONE (big grin)

For paid episodes…

  1. Go to the comic episode list
  2. Click on the episode you wish to purchase
  3. Click ‘Confirm’
  4. Yay, you bought it!

Or you can even buy them in bulk!

  1. Go to the comic episode list
  2. Click on ‘Unlock All’. It will automatically select all paid episode you DID NOT purchase!
    It’s on top of the episode list…
    Or if you scroll down, it’ll be right up at the very top!
  3. Click ‘Confirm’
  4. Happy reading (wink)

Got more questions about using My Library? Maybe this can help!


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