The complete guide to using My Library – Part 1

My Library, as the name implies, is where you can view all your collected comics in one place 🙂

In My Library, your purchased and/or saved episodes are neatly organized, and you’ll find ~secret~ episodes covers (which you can’t see unless you purchase the comic episodes!). Even better news is that you won’t have to go all the way to the episode list page to buy new episodes of the comics you’re following. Once you have purchased and/or saved an episode of a comic, you can easily purchase them right from My Library. Let us show you how.

  1. How to access My Library

    1. Log in (or sign up!) by clicking on the hamburger menu (gray circle with three lines, on the top right corner
    2. After logging in, you’ll see “My Library” come up on the list.
    3. Click on “My Library” and you’ll be redirected to this screen.
    4. Now go forth and enjoy your comics! 😀
  2. How to view ~secret~ episode covers

    1. Go to My Library and click on a comic of your choice
    2. Tada! You can view this cover art only from My Library.
      For example, look at Reveries of the Moonlight!My Library

      Episode List

We’ll also cover the following soon in Part 2!

  • How to PURCHASE and/or SAVE episodes from My Library

  • How to HIDE or DELETE


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