What Does the Fox Say?


And no, we’re not talking about that song.

We’re absolutely thrilled to present you the most-requested-for title of team Gaji, FINALLY available in English! Now you can emerge yourself in the beautiful artwork, the amazing plot and the enticing characters! Go read it now 😀

TRIVIA: did you know that the name of the team (“Gaji”) is a combination of the two authors’ pen names?  The writer goes by the name of “Ga” ” and the artist goes by “Gyeomji”, so it’s “Ga” +  Gyeom”ji” = “Gaji”. Gaji also means eggplant in Korean! ~the more you know~

Edit: The writer’s pen name is “Gyeomji” and the artist’s name is “Ga”. Thanks for pointing that out, red head 🙂



  1. I think the names are switched.
    “Gaji” is the artist and “Gyeomji” is the writer, right? Please correct this. And thanks for translating


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