Lezhin Comics is proud to present an epic fantasy / action title Dosa, for the first time in English!

Dosa describes the journey of a father and a daughter traveling through a world filled with humans, demons, and half-humans. Human king has gone mad and he’s wreaking havoc on the land, killing not only his own people, but half-man and demons as well. The man-beasts must come together to stop the human king but he has 12 powerful dosas at his command, protecting his despicable hide. Numerous challenges from vicious demons out for their blood, to doubtful and hostile man-beasts and humans await the daughter-father pair in their road saving the people.


Artist Ikki’s unique character design brings to life the gripping storyline and multi-dimensional characters of writer Nilil. Dosa was a great success in Korea – so much that Nilil is currently working on the prequel of Dosa with another artist, GMAN. Read and see what the rave is about!



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