Synopsis: Childhood friends Ginu and Subin live in separate apartments in separate buildings right next to each other – so close, in fact, they can talk to each other and see into each other’s apartments through their windows. But Subin’s long-held secret is revealed one day when Ginu sees him doing something naughty through the... Continue Reading →

Free Tuesday: Sextealer

#FreeTuesday What if you had the chance to go back to your twenties, but could never remember what happened after a hot night?! Sextealer ▶ #Lezhin #Comics #Mature


Special Interview, Free Episodes, And Coin Sale! ▶ In celebration of Women's History Month, we have asked some of our female creators for interviews, including Dark Heaven, Vanishing Twin, Something About Us, Reversi, and Sadistic Beauty! What's more, we've unlocked episodes of their comic as well as have a Coin Sale so check them all... Continue Reading →


Synopsis: Hyeongoh, the first place student at school, is disabled and has a knack for getting ridiculed by the school's bullies. With no help and no way out, he finds himself in a despairing situation...until someone appears to stand by his side! Click here to see when the savior arrives. #Lezhin #Comics #School

Killing Stalking Special Fan Event Episode 2

It's the Second Episode of Killing Stalking Special Fan Event! To read all the episodes of the Killing Stalking Special Fan Event, click here! Here's a list of the fan videos, cosplay, and game featuring your favorite characters from Killing Stalking and finally, the Grand Prize Winner! Check them all out! By CaptainBanchoCosplay By CaptainCrunchCosplay... Continue Reading →


Synopsis: What if you could choose and get your ideal lover online?And what would you do if it actually happens? A story about a woman who gets a boyfriend online to get her ex jealous but instead, finds herself falling for that man, no matter how hard she tries not to. Click here to learn about... Continue Reading →

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